Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Organizational Breakdown Structure

The organizational breakdown structure (OBS) is a global hierarchy that represents the managers responsible for the projects in your organization. The OBS usually reflects the management structure of your organization, from top-level personnel down through the various levels constituting your business.

An OBS is not the same as a resource pool. While resources are assigned to activities, OBS elements are associated with EPS nodes and projects. The OBS element corresponding to an EPS node is the project manager responsible for all work included in that branch of the hierarchy.

Steps to Create OBS

1.Go to the menu Enterprise.

2.Select OBS and click.

3.Using Add buttons add as many OBSs as you want.

4.Edit the name of OBSs.

5.Make OBS hierarchy using shift keys.

For further guidence see the video tutorial below.

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