Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Import new activities from MS Excel

Open multiple projects at once

Steps for opening multiple projects at once
There are too many ways to open multiple projects at once

I. Node(EPS) of projects

1. Go to the projects window
2. Select an EPS under which you want to open all the projects
3. Right click on that EPS then select open project

now you can able to see all the projects under that EPS opened in the activities window

II. Randomly selected projects

1. Go to the projects window
2. For selecting the projects, press ctrl key and click on the projects you want to open
3. Now right click on and select open project

now you can able to see all the projects in the activities window you wanted to open randomly.

III. Portfolio projects

1. Go to File menu
2. Then select open, you will get opened open project
3. now click the browse button near select project portfolio,you can able to see the list of existing portfolios.
4. Select the portfolio under which you want to open the projects

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Start from here - Project Management


1. Create new projects using templates via Project Architect
2. Project Import / Export (MPP,MPX,XLS,XER,P3)
3. Project Import / Export XML format
4. Assign project code values


1. Open multiple projects at once
2. Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
3. Administer WBS details (Milestones, Budget, EV techniques)
4. Create activities
5. Import new activities from MS Excel
6. WBS level Summary Activity
7. Create activity steps
8. Create relationships between activities
9. Create cross-project relationships
10. View activity relationships
11. Assign constraints to activities
12. Assign roles to activities
13. Assign resources to activities
14. Perform Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling
15. Run Resource Leveling
16. Summarize a project
17. Perform Multi-project Scheduling, Leveling, Applying
18. Actuals, Summarizing
19. Perform Top down estimation
20. Assign activity code values
21. View activity notebook topics
22. Interactive Gantt Chart
23. Configurable Gantt Chart (bar labels and colors)
24. Create Custom Filters
25. View Activity Network\Trace Logic diagrams
26. View Timescale Logic Diagrams


1. Update activity dates
2. Update remaining units or percent complete (%)
3. Update activity steps & step UDFs
4. Update activity notebook topics
5. Update resource assignment details
6. Update resource assignment actual units
7. Update Expenses
9. Update Notebook Topics
10. Progress Spotlight
11. Create Project Risks
12. View Project Risks
13. Project Issues
14. Create/View Project Issues
15. Issues Graphics
16. Email notification about Project Issues


1. Review, Approve or Reject Timesheets
2. Perform Period Closeout
3. Baselines
4. Create Unlimited Baselines
5. Partial Baseline Update
6. Select Project Baseline
7. Create Reflection Projects with a Single Click (what-if)
8. Review and Select Changes to Merge into Source Project
9. Run Schedule Analyzer
10. Float Path Analysis
11. Define and Monitor Thresholds
12. Analyze resource usage at the project level
13. Create and save Activity Layouts/Views
14. Project-level Layouts/Views
15. User Layouts/Views
16. Global Layouts/Views
17. Administer Reports and Layouts
18. View Published Reports and Layouts
19. Multiple Subject Area Reporting


1. Administer Activity Code Dictionary
2. Run Global Changes
3. View Microsoft ProjectLink (Toolbar in MSP) projects
4. Project Check In / Check Out
5. Import / Export from Excel
6. Undo
7. Past Period Actuals

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Steps for creating a project specific calendar

1. Select Enterprise and choose Calendars.

2. Click Project button.

3. Using Add button select one of the global calendars to modify.

4. Select Detailed work hours/day radio button and work week button and do modifying working and non working hours.

5. Click ok to save.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Steps for adding Activities

1. For currently opened project,choose Project and click Activities.

2. Using Add button add as many activities as you required for the project.


Steps for creating WBS

1. For a currently opened project Select Project menu.

2. Then click WBS(this will open corresponding WBS window).

3. Using Add button add as many WBSs as you want.

4. Using shift keys you can do levelling the added WBSs.